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so be good for goodness sake

I’m taking a break from serious content to bring you frivolous xmas post, 2009. You know that song “Santa Clause is Coming to Town?” It contains the lyric: “so be good for goodness sake.” But this is clearly inconsistent with the content of the song, and it drives me crazy. Being good for goodness’ sake […]

teaching philosophy: possibility vs. plausibility

Here’s something with which I’ve noticed intro to philosophy students tend to struggle: the difference between it being possible that a theory is true, and the theory’s being plausible. Example: In the course I’m TAing this semester, one of the topics we discussed is the nature of value. In virtue of what does anything have […]

on the value of blogging

What value is there in blogging? Well, I suppose that depends on who you are. Some people blog to make money on advertising, some people network with business contacts or publicize themselves, some people are looking to share photography, etc. I am a graduate student in philosophy and education who hopes to make a career, […]