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diamonds don't enslave women, women enslave women

Part of why I decided to blog again is because I had a backlog of stuff I wanted to write about. Here’s the first of that stuff. Let’s call this the beginning of a “Feminism Friday” series. An Engagement Ring Is a Deposit on a Wife This piece was written in response to a recent […]

love in the time of HIV/AIDS, for theĀ innocent

I read this article on CNN the other day: Love in the time of HIV/AIDS . It’s about how HIV/AIDS patients are living longer lives and are increasingly able to do normal stuff like get married (even to HIV negative partners) and have biological kids (who are very often HIV negative). All this is great […]

boycotting marriage

I am a heterosexual woman who recently married a man. I also support same-sex marriage. So, I feel pretty torn about taking part in a valuable social practice that is systematically, perniciously and deliberately (thanks to DOMA and the like) discriminatory. I have heard of heterosexual couples who are engaging in a marriage boycott of […]