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“education is like a series of micro-traumas”

Said by a professor in pop culture class today, with a certain air of… resignation?: “Education is like a series of micro-traumas. You do an assignment, hand it in, get evaluated, feel badly about yourself.” So, so true. Must it be this way? Sigh.

“you’re only cheating yourself”

As a graduate teaching assistant and course instructor, I’ve encountered cheating and plagiarism a number of times. I know that many of my friends encounter similar issues as well. So, to mark the end of this semester, I thought I’d start a mini-series of posts on the subject. First up: the “you’re only cheating yourself” […]

what’s there to find?

Last week, I received this fortune in a fortune cookie: “Turn your thoughts within – find yourself” People say things like this quite alot. It sounds very romantic and exciting to describe one’s trials and tribulations as being in the service of some greater, higher goal – that of finding oneself. Now, I’m not particularly […]

madeleine albright thinks I'm going to hell

The other day, I saw a Madeleine Albright quote in my Twitter timeline. I don’t know if this Time magazine interview is the original source, but this is the quote (bold): What advice do you have for women who want respect from their male colleagues? Dana Philbin, CHICAGO Women have to be active listeners and […]