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"Governance of Virtual Worlds" course at ASU

This is cool, it’s the description I received via email of a “Governance of Virtual Worlds” course taking place at Arizona State University next semester. I wish I didn’t already have a commitment that prevents me from enrolling. The core of the course will be an innovative experiment in self-governance wtihin World of Warcraft. We […]

"comfort women" and the Asian Women's Fund

Just in case your week has been a little too carefree so far, here’s a brief report I did for school on the “comfort women” enslaved by Japan during WWII. I have nothing to say other than, if there is a hell, the people responsible for this belong there. Japan’s Asian Women’s Fund: Reparations to […]

Cargo, your lip gloss insults my intelligence

If you are not familiar with Sarah Haskins and her video series, “Target Women,” you should be! She does a great job of hilariously exposing the absurdities of advertising that, well, targets women. In the Sarah Haskins spirit, I have to share with you my unhappiness with this product, Cargo Classic Lip Gloss. Ordinarily, I […]