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Well, it took me most of the weekend, but I finally have TFIR satisfactorily re-setup using, Laughing Squid hosting, and Soma Design’s lovely theme, The Erudite. Please do let me know if you find something that doesn’t work. Blogging will recommence shortly!

moving on up

Hi friends. This weekend, I’ll be attempting a move from to I may be getting way in over my head, but what’s a summer without some challenging, up-all-night, independent learning opportunities? Presumably, the move will involve some site downtime, and P approaches 1.0 that I will break stuff. I also have no idea […]

changing gears

As you might know, I’m beginning a new PhD program this fall. This one is in philosophy and education, instead of just philosophy. I’ve been very interested in education for a few years now, and I know some things about it, but basically just enough to be dangerous and to write a decent admissions application. […]

interview with an ex-vegan

Rhys Southan of the blog Let Them Eat Meat came across my veganism-related posts here on TFIR, and ended up interviewing me for his series of interviews with ex-vegans. I put quite a bit of effort into the interview and am pleased with how it turned out. You can find it here. I welcome your […]

and just like that…

I unquit blogging. Reasons: 1. I have started collecting a bunch of articles/posts/etc. that I have stuff to say about, and blogging is the best forum for that. 2. I got accepted to the PhD program of my dreams, and can stop worrying too too much about having my personal info & views floating around […]


I feel obligated to write on this blog, and it constantly hangs over my head, so to speak. I was thinking of alleviating this uncomfortable state by sprucing up the site & making efforts to attract new readers, in the hopes that I would then be motivated to blog more and have more fun doing […]

grad school ch-ch-changes

You, as my friend and/or reader, may have seen me post stuff on Twitter and Facebook suggesting that I am currently applying to graduate schools. Indeed, I am. I figured I’d explain the situation here, once and for all. Very shortly after I began a PhD program in philosophy in the fall of 2007, my […]

’tis the season

Just wanted to check in and say that, no, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth and, no, I’m not quitting blogging again. Rather, it’s just that the annual winter end-of-semester meltdown is upon me, and this is perhaps the worst one ever. So, posting will be light for the next six weeks […]

please update your readers and leave a comment for crying out loud!

Dear Readers, I have switched away from FeedBurner basically because I can’t be bothered to log into two different places to check on my blog. So, if you were using that feed, please update your RSS reader using the feed URL:  And for comments: In the time you would have taken to read […]

links & a milestone

I have a bunch of tests to grade today, so unfortunately I can’t spend too much energy on blogging. Just wanted to pop in to say that: 1. I have added links to some of my favorite stuff at the bottom of the column on the right. Of course, I don’t agree with all of […]