“education is like a series of micro-traumas”

Said by a professor in pop culture class today, with a certain air of… resignation?:

“Education is like a series of micro-traumas. You do an assignment, hand it in, get evaluated, feel badly about yourself.”

So, so true. Must it be this way? Sigh.


  • What? Must everything be pain-free? The very act of birth is painful for both the mother and child; that does not seem to me to be a sign of a painless existence. So we learn stuff and it hurts. Big deal. It is much worse to remain ignorant.

  • Lillian Gwen Taylor wrote:


    Should we not do whatever we can to minimize pain when it does occur? In the example that you cite, all peoples throughout history have sought ways to relieve the pain of childbirth for the mother and the child, and many people have been burned or hanged as “witches” because they had to nerve to use herbal medicine to relieve the pain that birthing mothers experience. Are you going to burn or hang people like Pamela, who seek ways to alleviate the pain of students who wish to learn in ways that do not require for them to undergo torture (bullying from teachers and from other students, hierarchical class ranking, etc.)?

    You also draw a false dichotomy between the style of learning that we force upon our students and ignorance, as if there is no alternative. There is one; the only problem is that society is too lazy and mediocre to seek out an alternative. We demand excellence from our young, but we ourselves feel entitled to be complacent.

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