I feel obligated to write on this blog, and it constantly hangs over my head, so to speak.

I was thinking of alleviating this uncomfortable state by sprucing up the site & making efforts to attract new readers, in the hopes that I would then be motivated to blog more and have more fun doing it.

However, I decided that it would make more sense just to quit blogging, at least for a while. Writing good term papers, then a dissertation and for academic journals, is about all the writing I can handle.

I had hoped that the blog would be a good way to get comments on things I’m writing or planning to write, but there are two problems with this.

The first problem is that, as an unestablished academic, I really can’t afford to put ideas out where they have even a small chance of being stolen. (Not to say that I have any ideas worth stealing, of course! Just wishful thinking). It would be not only morally wrong but also rather imprudent to take ideas from a big and famous blog; not so much in the case of a smaller one.

More dangerous, though, is the problem of online exposure and getting Googled. I am pretty careful not to identify myself on here, but it is surely possible to figure out who I am just using the internet. The academic job market is SO INCREDIBLY COMPETITIVE, so I want to exercise caution with my online presence. I must avoid giving potential employers any reason to weed me out of a pool of applicants; a blog with unusual views could easily provide such a reason.

As a result of the these two problems, I tend to blog about topics: 1)upon which I have nothing novel to say, and 2)that are uncontroversial. This is a recipe for blog disaster! No wonder I am so bored with it. But, since I believe the problems I discussed to be genuine, my blog is destined to remain boring until something about my cirumstances changes (such as, graduating and getting a professorship).

So, ciao for now! Thanks for playing. Don’t worry, I have no plans to quit reading blogs, so I’ll “see” most of you around. I’d be surpised if I never blogged ever again, because I really love the idea of it, but now is not the time.


  • I liked the approachability and relevancy (to real life) of your blog. I recommended it to many of my non-philosopher friends and family. I hope you find time to bring it back in the future. Having said that I’ve quit blogging more times than I’ve started. Mostly due to time. Peace.

  • Thank you so much for the kind words, Robert. I’m sure I’ll be back sooner or later!

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