Monthly Archives: December 2009

so be good for goodness sake

I’m taking a break from serious content to bring you frivolous xmas post, 2009. You know that song “Santa Clause is Coming to Town?” It contains the lyric: “so be good for goodness sake.” But this is clearly inconsistent with the content of the song, and it drives me crazy. Being good for goodness’ sake […]

skepticism about moral character

The other day, my buddy Adam over at Sophistpundit wrote about Character. I was not surprised that, being an economist and some kind of Humean virtue ethicist, he thinks that morality mostly concerns what kind of people we are, and that actions are signals to other people, providing information about what we’re like. Adam claims […]

grad school ch-ch-changes

You, as my friend and/or reader, may have seen me post stuff on Twitter and Facebook suggesting that I am currently applying to graduate schools. Indeed, I am. I figured I’d explain the situation here, once and for all. Very shortly after I began a PhD program in philosophy in the fall of 2007, my […]

some evidence for parentism

A while back, I wrote a little bit on “parentism,” which I defined as “consisting in discriminating against people on account of their parental status, or in individual actions and attitudes or institutional arrangements that favor persons of a particular parental status unjustly.” Here’s some evidence for the phenomenon: you can buy a box of […]

love in the time of HIV/AIDS, for the innocent

I read this article on CNN the other day: Love in the time of HIV/AIDS . It’s about how HIV/AIDS patients are living longer lives and are increasingly able to do normal stuff like get married (even to HIV negative partners) and have biological kids (who are very often HIV negative). All this is great […]

’tis the season

Just wanted to check in and say that, no, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth and, no, I’m not quitting blogging again. Rather, it’s just that the annual winter end-of-semester meltdown is upon me, and this is perhaps the worst one ever. So, posting will be light for the next six weeks […]