Monthly Archives: November 2009

thoughts on NOW and the Stupak Amendment

Disclaimer: I haven’t been following the health care stuff too closely, because it is exhausting, but this particular aspect interests me. The National Organization for Women is very upset because the Stupak Amendment passed and is part of the health care bill that passed the house the other day. According to the NYT, the Amendment […]

retroactive legitimization of regulation

This NYT article caught my eye: New York’s Cabbies Like Credit Cards? Go Figure New York’s cabbies howled when the city began forcing them to take credit cards. Some even went on strike, calling the requirements a kowtow to tourists and a burden on drivers. But two years later, the back-of-the-cab swipe has emerged as […]

links & a milestone

I have a bunch of tests to grade today, so unfortunately I can’t spend too much energy on blogging. Just wanted to pop in to say that: 1. I have added links to some of my favorite stuff at the bottom of the column on the right. Of course, I don’t agree with all of […]

business-izing higher ed: I’m not scared

A few days back, this post about higher ed in the UK appeared over on one of my favorite blogs, Feminist Philosophers. Here’s the big quote: “Business secretary wants students and parents to be treated more like customers in proposals to overhaul higher education.” The original poster worries that “universities get put under a great […]

makes me stabby: soda thieves

Welcome to the first instantiation of ‘makes me stabby,’ a running series of posts on things that upset me & which might upset you, too. People who steal soda from dining establishments where you dispense your own MAKE ME STABBY. Every week I sit in Chipotle and monitor whether people are doing that, and I […]

more thoughts on veganism and well-being

I was thrilled to receive this thoughtful comment on my last post on my vegan experiment: Comment from abeala I have some disjointed things to say in response. First of all, yes, it can definitely be difficult to have a significant other who does not eat the same way as you. Around the time I […]