please update your readers and leave a comment for crying out loud!

Dear Readers,

I have switched away from FeedBurner basically because I can’t be bothered to log into two different places to check on my blog. So, if you were using that feed, please update your RSS reader using the feed URL:  And for comments:

In the time you would have taken to read this had it been a regular post, why not leave a comment on one of my other posts? I know that people are reading them, but somehow I’ve managed to attract only the silent types. Anonymous comments are welcome, if your shyness is inhibiting you from telling me how wrong I am.

Editing to add: I just noticed a “ratings” feature and turned it on. You can now rate posts and comments using those little stars at the bottom. (Apparently, you have to click on the title of the post to use this feature, the stars don’t appear on the front page of the blog). If you people are too hard on me, or give me terrible ratings with no feedback, I’m turning it off :-)

Be back later this week with something substantive!

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