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tv violence, part two

Shortly after my last post on tv violence, a friend emailed me with some useful comments on the matter. Her best two points, I think, were about whether or not portrayals of violent situations are realistic, and the importance of the viewer identifying with the right party to the violence. I really should have mentioned […]

tv violence

Last night, I watched an extremely violent movie, “Kingdom of Heaven” (2005, director Ridley Scott). This reminded me of a debate which surfaces in the media from time to time over violence on television: whether it should be restricted from minors, whether it should be produced in the first place, whether watching it is bad […]

no-zeros proposal is no good

I stumbled across this article the other day: Chillicothe Schools Consider No-Zero Grade Proposal Basically, a school district in Ohio is thinking of setting a grade floor of 50%, so that teachers can no longer assign grades between 0 and 49%. Assistant Superintendent Jon Saxton proposed the idea of a no-zero policy to get students […]

on the moral status of donating blood

Yesterday, I went and gave some blood. This got me thinking about the moral status of donating blood. It’s got to be either obligatory or supererogatory. You might recall these definitions from my previous post on boycotting marriage: Obligatory: If an action is morally obligatory, that means that you must do it, from the moral […]

parentism: an example

What is parentism? Parentism is a less discussed cousin of racism, sexism and classism. On my interpretation, parentism consists in discriminating against people on account of their parental status, or in individual actions and attitudes or institutional arrangements that favor persons of a particular parental status unjustly. While surely there are cases wherein people are […]

boycotting marriage, part two

I was thinking about my previous boycotting marriage post some more, and I figured out that this is a great chance to give a little ethics lesson on deontic verdicts. “Deontic” just means something like “related to duties.” In this case, we’re interested in moral duties, as opposed to legal duties, or some other kind. […]

boycotting marriage

I am a heterosexual woman who recently married a man. I also support same-sex marriage. So, I feel pretty torn about taking part in a valuable social practice that is systematically, perniciously and deliberately (thanks to DOMA and the like) discriminatory. I have heard of heterosexual couples who are engaging in a marriage boycott of […]